No-nonsense Approach To Reusable Coffee Cups

When asked about our design process, we weren't looking to imitate a single-use coffee cup as we'd already found these to have design flaws. Sustainability was the most important influence for us.The end result of Rubber Cuppy's design plays an important role in reinforcing this message of sustainability, and through the use of the up-cycled... Continue Reading →


Rubber Cuppy is aiming to take people away from single-use coffee cups. For every person that’s transitioning to a reusable cup, they then have a choice to buy a Rubber Cuppy or alternatively purchase another competitors cup. If they choose to buy a Rubber Cuppy, they will also be taking rubber inner tubes out of... Continue Reading →


Each Rubber Cuppy is handcrafted and signed by it's maker. Inside you'll find the details of who your maker is and where your inner tube has been sourced from. No two Cuppy's are alike. Handmade in Melbourne. Eco friendly. Reusable. Glass Coffee Cups.

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