#waronwaste Old News But Still Relevant



It’s relevant now and it’s relevant in the future. The War On Waste is here but its not here to stay.
Being mindful of what you use and consume is something that should always be a proactive thought and action. Take Action Now
As our lives are unmistakably fast paced it’s the preventative choices from the first step out your front door or even in the home. Consumerism doesn’t exist without us, so therefore we are in charge of what companies produce. We are what we eat / consume.

It’s not old news that tin water containers, glass water bottles with woven rope and drink canteens with straps around them to carry where standard before Plastic bottles were first used commercially in 1947 but remained relatively expensive until the early 1950s and became staple…

Couple Tips to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

  • Use recycled glass jars and ceramics around the house not plastic, buy reusing old purchased bottles, jars etc to store keep food and things longer.
  • Glass Water Bottles. Reuse your Water bottle it can make so much difference. If you dont already do so. Click the link to find our 16oz Rubber Cuppy
  • Drinking and Eating out. Reusable cups, Take the time to sit in store to have a coffee or a Turbo-Charged Rubber Cuppy 8oz or 12oz to take away your coffee. Investing in ceramics and tin sealed takeaway boxes to reduce packaging and plastic bags.

Single Use Is Just Not The Right Way. I’m human and make mistakes, I recently was in Adelaide on the beach for a summer swim and ordered some hot chips for two assuming they would be wrapped in paper, first mistake. They where served in Polystyrene, this made me feel bad. I rarely do take away so the question I should have asked was are they served in paper or cardboard, second mistake. I’ve learnt my lesson.

Please find the time to read through some articles to help yourself and others to be more mindful of what we purchase or what we can go with out.

Ethics Disrupted: Ethical and Sustainable Purchases

Enviro Shop: See In-Store what ethical choices you can make.

ABC War On Waste: Video Content for Sustainable Choices

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