Getting Hosed For Social Impact


We wondered down Hosier Lane this week to learn more about Youth Projects Non-Profit Good To Go Cafe and how they help youth gain skills for building their future. They are doing great things down there. They offer support and employment opportunities to ‘at risk’ young people looking to re-engage with learning and provide services to community experiencing homelessness through Outreach Programs, Employment Training, Lifeskills etc.

Find out more Youth Projects.

We’re hoping to learn more about all these amazing Social Enterprises out there who help everyone have a sustainable future so that we may help contribute and help others more.
Coffee consumption in Melbourne leaves quite a large impact with coffee grounds that can be recycled for a number of healthy applications or single use paper cups with millions of cups going into landfill each day, we hope to reduce the impact we make personally and through our Environmentally Turbo-Charged Reusable Coffee Cups so we have a cleaner tomorrow.

Very grateful for the City Of Unley in South Australia making us ‘The Faces Of Change’ in 2017.


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