Rubber Cuppy is aiming to take people away from single-use coffee cups. For every person that’s transitioning to a reusable cup, they then have a choice to buy a Rubber Cuppy or alternatively purchase another competitors cup.

If they choose to buy a Rubber Cuppy, they will also be taking rubber inner tubes out of landfill.

For every five Rubber Cuppy’s we sell, we take one inner tube out of landfill.

Did you know that each year in Australia, 1 Billion single-use coffee cups and 48 million inner tubes are put into landfill? And whilst tyres can be reformed and reused in a variety of materials, inner tubes cannot and go directly to landfill.

Tyre inner tubes have shown to be a bigger environmental problem than we first thought. Purchase a Rubber Cuppy and help us combat this environmental issue.

The Bottom-Up Social Impact
One person uses two single-use cups at work each day
There are 260 work days each year
If we convert one person over to a Rubber Cuppy
We will avoid 500 single-use cups per annum and 1/5th of an inner tube taken out of landfill*
*Based On Our Assumptions

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