Getting Hosed For Social Impact

We wondered down Hosier Lane this week to learn more about Youth Projects Non-Profit Good To Go Cafe and how they help youth gain skills for building their future. They are doing great things down there. They offer support and employment opportunities to 'at risk' young people looking to re-engage with learning and provide services to community... Continue Reading →

The Mooies Milk.

Mumma's can now double-up on their guilt free pleasures. With our rubbercuppy leak free zero-gram plastic reusable coffee cup and franjoskitchen wheat, dairy and egg free lactation cookies. We love this combination. Throw them in the pram, and away you go!!! To all our mothers that love a coffee perk up with the great work... Continue Reading →

No-nonsense Approach To Reusable Coffee Cups

When asked about our design process, we weren't looking to imitate a single-use coffee cup as we'd already found these to have design flaws. Sustainability was the most important influence for us.The end result of Rubber Cuppy's design plays an important role in reinforcing this message of sustainability, and through the use of the up-cycled... Continue Reading →

An Exciting New Partnership

We are partnering with Australia Post for our rubber inner tube collection. We will be collecting tubes used on their postie bikes, and upcycling them for our Rubber Cuppy's- which we think is pretty neat. The rubber skin utilises a waste product that would otherwise go to landfill, which adds another environmental impact to removing... Continue Reading →

Engraved Branding Rubber Cuppy

We offer engraved branding on all of our Rubber Cuppy sizes, with examples above. Your logo will be engraved 2mm's into the rubber, before being stretched over the Cuppy. It's important to note that this is engraved into the rubber so there are no colour options. Information for our colour print branding is currently only... Continue Reading →


We recently asked for feedback from some sustainable heads in Australia, asking them how we can continue to improve Rubber Cuppy to ensure we're offering the best sustainable product. And they gave us some great insights! One thing we've recently changed is the plastic sticky tape that fixes the shipping labels onto the box. Why... Continue Reading →


Rubber Cuppy is aiming to take people away from single-use coffee cups. For every person that’s transitioning to a reusable cup, they then have a choice to buy a Rubber Cuppy or alternatively purchase another competitors cup. If they choose to buy a Rubber Cuppy, they will also be taking rubber inner tubes out of... Continue Reading →

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